NerD TKL Ver2.0 PCB Maximize

NerD TKL Ver2.0 PCB

Standard TKL PCB Designed by GON

  • Optional Wireless Conecction(USB Combo) available!!!
  • USB Full NKRO & 6KRO Support(Toggle)
  • 1000Hz(1ms) Polling Rate
  • Fancy LED Mods: Supports In-Switch Backlight Full LED, On-PCB Backlight LED, and Side LED
  • Easy Key Remapping /w NerDy GUI
  • Easy and Powerful Hardware MACRO(One Macro can include 1~2000 Key Inputs. User can save 2000 inputs at "one" key, or smaller chunks of inputs at  "70" keys.) User can adjust each delay between key inputs.
  • Supports almost all Keylayouts including ISO!!!
  • Multimedia Keys Supported
  • Controller SMD Parts Soldered and Firmware Flashed before shipping
  • 1.6T PCB based on NerD Controller
  • NerDy GUI Software Offered


Fitting Housings

  • GON NS NerD Crystal TKL(USB/Wireless Combo)
  • GON NS NerD TKL(USB Only)
  • GON NS 87, A87, LZ(USB Only)


LEDs, Cables, Resistors, Diodes or Stabilizers should be bought seperately.

  • USB Only
  • USB/Wireless Combo

US$ 60.00

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