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[Manual] Parts needed for KBD assembly

I have been frequently asked what parts are needed for a keyboard.
I'm gonna list them down here so that you guys can easily check out what you need to assemble your own keyboard.
Here we go~
(You can order most of the following items to me if not overtly stated "not available")

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1. PCB - You can choose one of NerD PCBs, I offer MobiK(40%), 60%, TKL and 108(Full Layout) boards.
2. Housing - You can place an order for an NS NerD Housing(AL + PolyCarb, CNC Machined) or NS NerD Crystal Housing(Full Polycarbornate) to me. Or you can also order Acrylic one, but you have to be noticed that I offer assembly service only for CNC Machined keyboards.
3. AL Bumpon & Bolts for Acrylic Housing - They are included by default if you order a housing at my webstore.
4. Stabilizers - I only use PCB mount stabilizers for NerD PCBs
5. Keycaps - You have to get them by yourself.
6. Switches - You can order raw switches or lubed/tuned ones
7. GON Diodes, strongly recommended for NerD PCBs and other DIP diodes only PCBs
8. Lubricant for Sliders(Dupont KRYTOX GPL 103/107 You can mix them up for proper thickness you want.)
8.1. Lubricant for Springs - I'm not selling them.
9. Switch stickers
10. Optional Swap Springs - 55g/58.5g/62g springs are now available!
11. DIP LEDs for In-Switch Backligt
12. SMD LEDs for Side LED or On-PCB Backlight LEDs
(For On-PCB Backlight LEDs, you need both a proper PCB and a Crystal Housing.
13. Resistors for LEDs - 470R for Backlight LEDs(In-Switch or On-PCB), 133R/150R for Side LEDs(Ask me if you are not sure.)
14. MiniUSB-to-USB cable that is generally used with 2.5" External/Portable HDD/SSDs.
15. Filler Sheet for Resonance Modification
(TKL size available, you would need cut or add more to apply to 60% or full sized layout ones.)