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GON NS NerD Crystal MobiK Complete DIY Set

This set includes:

  • GON NS NerD Crystal MobiK Housing /w AL anodized bolts, CNC-machined Polycarbonate and Diffusing finish
  • New NerD MobiK White PCB supporting FB155BC_S Wireless Module
  • New MX Clears or Blacks(One should be chosen.)
  • A set of Stabilizers for MobiK KBD
  • GON Diodes(Very easy to solder on NerD PCBs)
  • RED Switch Stickers
  • 470R Resistors 50pcs for In-Switch Backlight LED or On-PCB Backlight LED
  • 150R Resistors 50pcs for Side LED
  • Optional FB155BC_S Wireless Module + KSD02S Slide Switch + Li-Pol Battery /w PCM + GON Charger Circuit Parts

What you further need for better customization:

  • Optional Switch Springs
  • DIP LEDs for In-Switch Backlight LEDs
  • SMD LEDs for Side LED(50pcs) or for On-PCB Backlight LED(50pcs)
  • Lub for Switch Slider - Krytox 103 and 107(Mix them to get your favorite viscousity)
  • Mini-USB Cable
  • Lub for Springs - Not sold at GONsKeyboardworks, sorry

This product does NOT include Assembly Service.

  • USB Only
  • USB/Wireless Combo

US$ 285.00

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