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Parts you need to build a custom keyboard.


  • Housings and Related Parts

    Custom Keyboard Housings/Cases, Plates/Frames, and AL Legs.

  • PCBs and Controllers

    Main PCBs on which you solder switches and place stabilizers. All PCBs come with controller parts pre-soldered and firmware pre-flashed. GON will check every PCB before shipping.

  • Switches

    Mechanical Keyboard Switches. Mostly from CHERRY Corp. You can buy tuned switches, too.

  • Stabilizers

    You should apply this if the keycap is longer than 2.0x. Several types of stabilizers are used according to the PCBs. Almost all Korean Custom Keyboard PCBs use "PCB Mount" type only.

  • Electric Parts

    Diodes, SMD LEDs, Resistors and etc

  • Others

    Additional parts you may need for tuning your keyboards

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Products by page